Vision : "To be a distinguished institute aspiring to excel in the field of management education to support ethical and modern business practices”

 Mission : “To participate in the development process by imparting modern and ethical management education to students, executives and others in the society who strive for individual, organizational and social development”

 Quality Policy :" We work as a team of learning people and educators and are committed to impart the knowledge gained from various sources and created by way of research, to the students to enable them to be effective executives & citizens. "

 Objectives :


Graduates of Masters of Business Management will be able to achieve:

1.An ability to comprehend, analyze, evaluate micro and macro environmental factors and understand critical business situations

2.An ability to make decisions, considering risk, consequences and feasibility of the alternative

3.An ability to communicate effectively, both oral and written, with a range of audience

4.An ability to understand relation between multifunctional areas of business

5.An ability to develop team spirit and Leadership skills essential for managers and entrepreneurs.

6.An ability to understand and practice professional, ethical, legal and social responsibilities of a mature citizen.


Students of bachelors of business administration will be able to achieve

1.An ability to gain the fundamental concepts and theories of business practices in different management disciplines.

2.An ability to know inter and intra-personal skills essential for handling business situations.

3.An ability to think, analyzes problems quantitatively, and uses the gained business knowledge to solve business problems.

4.An ability to develop an awareness and understanding of business environment and inculcate comprehensive view of the industrial and organizational establishments.

5.An ability to understand the ethical and social issues that are concerned to the business community and gain the essential knowledge regarding various activities undertaken to run socially responsible business organization

6.Ability to acquire knowledge for developing entrepreneurial perspective


Students of Bachelors Of Computer Application will be able to achieve

1. An ability to understand techniques, skills and modern tools essential for software development .

2. An ability to understand computing and management concepts with their applications in different business domains.

3. An ability to identify and analyze software application problems in multiple aspects of coding, testing and implementation pertaining to various business applications.

4. An ability to study, analyze and identify management and technical requirements for any business domain.

5.An ability to understand the requirements of multifunctional business technological operating environments.

6. An ability to understandability and skills necessary for building entrepreneurial acumen essential for IT enabled business activities.