Deccan Education Society (DES) was established in 1884 by Loakmanya Tilak, Gopal Ganesh Agarkar , Vishnushastri Chipalunkar, Madhavrao Namjoshi. The real impetus for its growth and development was given by Gopal Krishna Gokhale , doyen of Indian political movement in early decades of twentieth century and a political guru of Mahatma Gandhi.

In famous words of Gokhale - "The principle moral interest of this institution is in the fact that it represents an idea and embodies an ideal. The idea is that Indians of the present day can bind themselves together, and putting aside all thoughts and wordly interests , work for a secular purpose , with zeal and enthusiasm which we generally find in the sphere of religion alone. The ideal is the ideal of self-help, that we may learn slowly but steadily to rely less and less upon others, while willing to bear our burdens, and more and more on ourselves."

The D. E. Society adopted a democratic structure that allows teachers participate in academic and administrative matters. It has become a model for teacher managed institutions of Maharashtra and symbolizes people's own initiative in spreading education as a means of national regeneration. One of the main goals of the D. E. Society is to make education available to all sections of the social strata by making it inexpensive and affordable. The selfless work of our founding fathers always attracted philanthropists, who contribute sonorously for the provision of infrastructural facilities to students.


1)Fergusson College , Pune : 1884

2) Willingdon College, Sangli : 1919

3) Brihan Maharashtra College of commerce , Pune : 1943

4) Kirti M.Doongursee College, Mumbai : 1954

5) Chintamanrao College of Commerce, Sangli : 1960

6) Institute of Management Development & Research , Pune : 1974

7) Technical Institute , Pune : 1937

8) Institute of Applied Research and Development in Agriculture , Sangli : 1982

9) Jagannath Rathi Vocational Guidance & Training Institute , Pune : 1987

10) Resolve (Information Technology & Robotics), Pune : 1998

Deccan Education Society, Pune : Governing Body

01. Dr. Sharad Srikrishna Kunte- Chairman

02. Shri. Vikas Ramkrishna Kakatkar  - Vice-Chairman

03. Dr. Shrikrishna Nilkanth Kanetkar - Secretary, DES

04. Shri. Kiran Dattatraya Shaligram - Member

05. Shri. Mahesh Anant Athavale - Member

06. Shri. Nimbalkar Ram Udaysinh - Member

07. Dr. Ravindrasingh Govindsingh Pardeshi - Member

08. Dr. Sachin Prabhakar Khedkar - Secretary, GB